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This website was designed to publicize the services offered by the distributor B&LPH NON-SPECIALIZED WHOLESALE TRADING. With Business Name

DTI No. 3603669 and based at RAINBOW VILLAGE ANGONO, RIZAL, PHILIPPINES, 1930.  Together with INNOVACIONES DISRAS S.L., with Spanish CIF B06529119 and based at C/ LOS PEDREGALES 66 (POL. IND. SAN ISIDRO) DON BENITO, 06400, BADAJOZ, SPAIN.


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The copyright for the ph.otostick.com website, its source code, design, structure and all the different characteristics in it are the property of INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL. This party alone may exercise the exploitation rights of the same in any way and, especially, the rights to reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation in accordance with the applicable Spanish and European Union legislation.

The INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL portal, pages therein, and the information or component parts therein (including texts, documents, photographs, drawings, graphic representations, software and logos, brands, trade names and other distinguishing marks are protected under intellectual or industrial property rights, which pertain to INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL as owner or legitimate licensee.


This website provides Access to information about services intended for public awareness that are, in any case, subject to the terms and conditions expressly given at the time. They are accessible from this website and are subject to the various legally applicable provisions.


Responsibility for both access to this website and the use that might be made of the information and content there lies with whoever accesses or uses the site.

The website access terms and conditions are subject to current legislation and the principles of good faith and legal usage on the part of the user. Any type of action that is prejudicial to B&LPH NON-SPECIALIZED WHOLESALE TRADING or INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL is strictly forbidden.

Use of this website for illegal or unauthorized purposes is strictly forbidden.

Any form of exploitation is forbidden, including any type of reproduction, distribution, third-party transfers, public communication or transformation using any type of format or medium of the previously mentioned works, creations and distinctive signs without express prior authorization from their respective owners. Failure to comply with this measure may constitute a violation that could be sanctioned under current legislation.

The user explicitly engages to make proper use of the contents and services from B&LPH NON-SPECIALIZED WHOLESALE TRADING and not to use them for, among others:

  1. Spreading content that is criminal, violent, pornographic, racist, xenophobic, offensive, justification for terrorism or in any way against the law or public order.
  2. Inserting a computer virus into the network or taking actions that may alter, impair, interrupt or generate errors or damage the electronic documents, data and physical or logic systems pertaining to B&LPH NON-SPECIALIZED WHOLESALE TRADING or third parties; or hindering access for other people to the website and its services by means of mass consumption of computing resources through which B&LPH NON-SPECIALIZED WHOLESALE TRADING provides its services.
  3. Trying to access email accounts of other users or restricted areas in the INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL operating system or that of third parties and, where applicable, extract information.
  • Infringing intellectual or industrial property rights or breaching the confidentiality of information belonging to INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL or third parties.
  • Fraudulently using the identity of another user.
  • Reproducing, copying, distributing, providing or making any other form of public communication, transforming or altering the contents without the authorization of the owner of the corresponding rights or if otherwise legally permitted.
  • Collecting data for advertising or to send publicity of any sort and communications aimed at selling something or other commercial intent without prior request or consent.

This notwithstanding, the user may, for their account and at their risk, download or make a copy of those features exclusively for personal use, where this does not affect or alter in part or in full any of the intellectual or industrial property rights pertaining to INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL. In no case does this qualify as authorization over or a license for the rights belonging to INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL.

Aside from where explicitly authorized by INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL, it is forbidden to present the INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL pages or the information contained there in frames, distinctive signs, brands or corporate and trade names belonging to another person, company or organization.


INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL accepts no liability at all for any damage Users may cause this website or any other through illegal or improper use of the site or any of the content and information accessible through or provided on the site.

INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL is held harmless, to the extent permitted by the legal system, for any damages of any type arising from:

  1. Not being able to access the website or the lack of speed, accuracy, completeness and/or updates to the content; or the presence of defects or faults of any type in content streamed, disseminated, stored, made available, or accessed through the website or the services offered there.
  2. The presence of a virus or other elements in the contents that may affect computer systems, electronic documents or data belonging to users.
  • Failure to comply with the law, good faith, public order, traffic usage or this disclaimer because of incorrect use of the website. Specifically, and by way of example, INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL is held harmless for the actions of third parties which violate intellectual or industrial property rights, company secrets, the rights to honor and personal and family privacy, and image, in addition to the legislation on the matter of unfair competition and illegal advertising.

Likewise, INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL accepts no liability for any information found outside this website that is not directly managed by our webmaster. The links found on this website are there exclusively to inform the user about the presence of other sources that may expand on the content offered on this website. INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL neither guarantees nor accepts responsibility for the performance or accessibility of the linked sites, nor does it suggest, invite or recommend visiting them and, thus, accepts no liability for any results obtained.  INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL is held harmless for any hyperlinks established by third parties.


INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to the website without prior warning at its discretion for technical or any other reasons. The company may unilaterally modify both access conditions and all or part of the content found on the site.


Spanish legislation will be applicable or any matters of a legal or other nature regarding the INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL website, with the Courts and Tribunals in Spain, where the services are provided being competent for the resolution of any disputes arising from or related to the use of this website. Accessing the INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL website implies acceptance of all the terms and conditions detailed above.


If any user or third party believes there are facts or circumstances that demonstrate an illegal use of any content and/or the undertaking of any activity on the pages in or accessible from the website, they should notify INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL, duly identifying themselves and specifying the supposed violations.


The hyperlinks on the INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL website may lead to third-party websites. INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL accepts no responsibility for any content, information or services on these sites. They are exclusively informative and do not imply any connection between INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL and the physical persons or organizations that own this content or the owners of the sites where it is found.


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